We began as a fishmarket/restaurant on the second floor of a grocery store, selling fresh fish and offering to prepare it on the premises

Soon 10 tables were not enough and customers gladly waited up to an hour for their table while enjoying fresh Caribbean breezes and ocean view.

The name “Mar-Bella” is a tribute to the owner’s mother who took care of her family and brought up her children putting all of them through school with hard work, effort and dedication.

The restaurant’s continued success warranted the hiring of a true chef and Mar-Bella Fish Market Raw Bar and Grill® became a full-fledged restaurant, known as one of the best in the region.

No effort is too great when it comes to pleasing our customers. The atmosphere is relaxed yet respectful and everyone works hard to make them feel that they are the most important part of the business. Three successful years and counting.


We aim to be a restaurant known for the high quality of its food served in the unpretentious old-fashioned atmosphere and tradition of a market, a place where people can choose, compare and see the freshness of what they will eat. The chef just loves to visit tables and make small suggestions.


We are a different restaurant, authentic, with original flavors and daring combinations. You can be sure we will keep our promise to serve you nothing but the freshest prepared ingredients in your plate. Every dish can be one-of-a-kind, breaking with the traditional menu structure of restaurants.


With the guiding hand of our chef Mar-Bella Fish-Market Raw Bar and Grill® lets you try your own culinary ideas for the dishes you order. The menu is what you make it.

The place sits  over the ocean with a magnificent view, unpretentious and friendly, very similar to the atmosphere you’d find in a small fishing village. To find Mar-Bella you must first go through a small grocery store and make your way to the back where you’ll be greeted by a spectacular view. Just like many coastal fishing villages it is a well hidden secret, offering surprisingly good food and an endless view of the horizon.

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